A modern and operational location

Bright and spacious areas to study and work in a modern building located on a university campus complete with every service.

TAM has a new location, totally renovated, covering an area of almost 1000 square meters: 6 classrooms, 1 state-of-the-art computer room, 1 meeting room, office space and a student lounge area for coffee and lunch breaks during lectures.

A dynamic atmosphere where each day our students find the inspiration to study and create new ideas to continue Biella’s textile tradition of excellence.

A modern and vibrant location offering top level education right in the heart of the textile district.


Many of the courses taught at TAM require practical training on real machinery. For this reason, TAM has set up 3 state-of-the-art laboratories where students are trained: a weaving laboratory, a knitting laboratory and a real dyeing department, all made available by Marchi & Fildi, a company with whom we have a solid relationship. The dyeing plant in particular is a low environmental impact plant, renovated in 2018 with machinery of the latest generation, where students are in close contact with the company’s technicians for a theoretical-practical training period. An ideal location for students to carry out lab studies directly in a textile company, not only trained by teachers but by industry workers as well.

The Campus

TAM is located on the same premises of Città Studi Biella, which has a university campus with numerous facilities including a library open to the public and specialized in textile topics, sport fields and a cafeteria. The Campus also has a university residence with spacious rooms completely furnished. The residence can host approximately 100 people and accommodation is accessible (depending on availability) also to TAM students who live outside of Biella.

GEM located in Valenza

The Technical Specialization in Goldsmithing Processes will be held in Valenza (Alessandria), a world-renowned goldsmithing district. A modern building which was occupied in the past by a very famous jewelry company and will now serve as a school to greet future GEM students.

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