Entering the working world

A solid synergy with the companies is what makes TAM strongly connected to the working world.

TAM actively collaborates with the most important companies in the textile and fashion sector, creating periodic internship opportunities which will give students first-hand experience in the real working world.

Internships cover 30% of the program for a period ranging from one to four weeks and almost three months for the final internship. Students are placed in different company areas for each internship in order to learn the complete cycle of the textile and fashion industry; this occurs after each segment is taught in the classroom in order for students to have a theoretical preparation before starting their internship. Also, students have the opportunity to work on special projects which TAM organizes every year with textile and fashion companies.

The companies with whom we collaborate

TAM is very proud to collaborate with the leading companies who strongly support our school. They are very much involved with the students throughout their internships, which for the majority of them, result in working opportunities.



The projects organized in collaboration with companies and institutions related to the textile and fashion industry, have given students the opportunity to enter in a company and deal directly with the design and production activities typical of the working world.


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