Technical Specialization in Technology Processes

You will become a manufacturing process expert, in line with the new developments of industry 4.0 and with a solid knowledge of fibers, their characteristics, adaptability and performance: features which are fundamental to know when creating yarns and fabrics for various applications.

This program will prepare you to:

  • assist in operational processes in order to design and create products and services for the fashion world
  • use technologies and working methods to optimize material and non-material resources
  • examine and evaluate the raw materials in order to develop a product, knowing the manufacturing, technical and economical limits and possibilities of the final outcome
  • fully understand the key concepts of LEAN and ADDITIVE manufacturing: critical understanding of the production chain, waste management and process optimization
  • participate in industry events and report the most significant innovations, monitor and evaluate the production cycles and the possible use of external resources, follow strategy development related to processes and products

The start of the program is subject to approval by the Region of Piemonte.

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