Technical Specialization in Product, Development and Design

You will know how to combine aesthetics, trends and creativity with the technical, functional and economical aspects of the product. Also, you will be prepared to join the workforce in a company who operate in high-end products by bringing your new creative ideas and design skills.

This program will prepare you to:

  • know the various types of yarn suitable for each fabric creation, the types of fabric to be used for each product, their characteristics and performance, their adaptability to product/model/colour
  • set up sample tests, develop colouring tissues and determine the right type of finishing
  • coordinate the selection of fabrics for the company’s new collection
  • understand market needs and evaluate fashion trends in order to aline them with the company’s target
  • have qualified skills in the production processes and to manage a project (deadlines, activities, resources), to plan a collection for the company’s product, to design new types of fabrics and modify/develop existing articles

The start of the program is subject to approval by the Region of Piemonte.

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