Technical Specialization in Clothing

You will be qualified to focus on operational projects, to design and create products of the fashion system, in particular for the ready-to-wear and knitwear industry.

This program will prepare you to:

  • create prototypes and define the feasibility of the product regarding all related manufacturing, technical and economical aspects
  • understand market needs and evaluate fashion trends in order to aline them with the company’s target
  • have qualified knowledge in production processes and to manage a project (deadlines, activities, resources); also to plan a collection for the company’s product and brand
  • collaborate in defining a strategic marketing plan related to the fashion product and to identify innovative elements in the production which will make the brand stand out
  • use specific tools and methods to guarantee full traceability of the product’s creation

The start of the program is subject to approval by the Region of Piemonte.

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